Insignia List

A Quick Guide to Available Badges, Patches, and More

Girls work hard to earn their awards. Awards symbolize girls’ dedication to making the world a better place. Now you can view by grade level every badge, pin, or other insignia available to Girl Scouts.

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  • 2.8.2-Brownies_332x357
  • 2.8.2-Juniors_332x357
  • 2.8.2-Cadettes_332x357
  • 2.8.2-Seniors_332x357
  • 2.8.2-Ambassadors_332x357
  • 2.8.2-Adult_332x357
  • 2.8.2-Shop_332x357


  • American Flag
  • Brownie Wings
  • Girl Scout Council Strips and ID
  • Girl Scout Membership Pin
  • Girl Scouts of the USA Identification Strip Set
  • Insignia Tab
  • Membership Discs for Stars
  • Membership Numeral Guard
  • Membership Stars
  • Troop Crest
  • Troop Numerals
  • USA Girl Scouts Overseas Identification Strip Set
  • USA Girl Scouts Overseas Pin
  • World Trefoil Pin
  • 100th Anniversary Pin

Note: Some emblems are only available to certain grade levels.


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