The G.I.R.L. Agenda is for all those who support girls in standing up for issues and causes that are important to them.

Civic Action for Adults

The future belongs to every girl who believes in her power to change the world.

Now you can help girls and young women nationwide create positive change through advocacy and action.

We all have a role and a responsibility to take civic action to make the world a better place.

Here’s what you can do right now:

Get inspired. 

Discover what others are doing to better their communities.
Hear amazing stories about how girls change the world.
Learn more about Girl Scouts and civic engagement.

Get prepared.

Are you ready to encourage your girl to be civically engaged? Download these helpful tools to get started:

Exploring Civic Engagement with Your Girl (Grades K–1) (PDF)
Exploring Civic Engagement with Your Girl (Grades 2–3) (PDF)
Getting Inside Government with Your Girl (Grades 4–5) (PDF)
Finding Common Ground with Your Girl (Grades 6–8) (PDF)
Get Behind the Ballot with Your Girl (Grades 9–10) (PDF)
Dig into Public Policy with Your Girl (Grades 11–12) (PDF)      

Get mobilized.

Take a look around you—at school, at work, and in your local area. Are there any causes or issues that interest both you and the girl in your life? Get involved!

Be the change you want to inspire. Have you considered volunteering with girls in your community? You can be the caring mentor she’ll remember forever.

Champion a Girl Advocate