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Come make an impact on girls in your community and watch as they make an impact on the world! That’s right.

As a Girl Scout volunteer, YOU have the potential to change girls’ lives and help them build their own success—whatever that looks like to them.

Invite a friend (or two!) to join you in volunteering with Girl Scouts and changing girls’ lives!

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Can parents and adults volunteer?
Absolutely! Girls always need guides and mentors to help them develop into successful adults. Whether you volunteer at meetings, go on field trips, or become a troop leader, the time you devote will help inspire today’s girls to become tomorrow’s leaders.

Check out all the different ways to have fun at Girl Scouts. Or see all the exciting possibilities Girl Scouts offers girls of all ages.

What will I do as a Girl Scout volunteer?
As part of a network of nearly 1 million adults, you’ll share an important commitment to preparing girls to lead successful lives. A volunteer serves as a partner and role model for girls. In the process, you’ll discover your own skills and abilities, meet new people, and learn through experience. Check out our Volunteer Resources.

What are the benefits of volunteering for Girl Scouts?
Girl Scouts really is great for everyone! Girl Scout research shows it is not just girls who benefit from participating in Girl Scouts: 94 percent of volunteers have made new friends, 88 percent believe their life is better because they volunteer with Girl Scouts, and two-thirds believe their volunteer experience has helped them professionally. Also, 95 percent of Girl Scout volunteers are happy knowing they are making girls’ lives better.

When can I join as a volunteer?
Any day is a good day to volunteer with Girl Scouts. We’re always looking for qualified volunteers to help, whether it’s during the school year, over summer break, or any time in between. In fact, today is the perfect day to get started!

Is there a way to volunteer “sometimes”?
Yes! Check in with your local Girl Scout council and see what type of help they’d like. Extra adults are always needed for trips and special events, as well as for Girl Scout Cookie activities.

What are the most popular volunteer activities?
Volunteers help out in all kinds of ways, both large and small. From leading a troop to helping out at cookie sales to going on field trips, volunteers have many opportunities to join in the fun of Girl Scouting—and make a real, positive impact on girls.

Is there a screening process?
Yes. To ensure the safety and well-being of our girl members, all volunteers are required to complete a background check prior to becoming involved. All information you provide will be strictly confidential.

What about safety?
Safety is a top priority for Girl Scouts. All activities are supervised, and we provide our volunteers with top-notch training and program resources. We also follow comprehensive safety guidelines tailored to individual activities and girls' ages.

How do I sign up?
Just click "VOLUNTEER NOW" and enter your zip code in the space above and we'll direct you to your local Girl Scout council to get started.

Why volunteering is so important

With the guidance and support of a volunteer, Girl Scouts can go as far as their imaginations will take them—and you can be there, right by their side.

When you volunteer, you will help girls:

  • Discover a world full of fun experiences and new activities
  • Build confidence and make a whole bunch of new friends
  • Explore interests and learn new skills in a safe, all-girl environment

You'll not only be the role model who gets to show her something new, you’ll also get to share in all those memorable moments.

Check out what caregivers and volunteers have to say, according to our research, about volunteering with Girl Scouts:

  • Ninety-five percent of volunteers say they make girls’ lives better at Girl Scouts (and that makes them happy).
  • Eighty-eight percent of Girl Scout volunteers say their volunteer experience with us makes their life better.
  • Two-thirds of volunteers say Girl Scouts has helped them professionally.
What volunteers have to say

“I just volunteer...it’s part of who I am. I don’t really think about why I do it or what I’m doing it for. I just go and enjoy the time I have volunteering.”
—Emily, age 20

“I was involved with Girl Scouts and Brownies. We had the Volunteer badges so we would go to a lot of nursing homes. I went to a Catholic school, so in order for us to get to sixth grade, we had to do volunteer work first. That was all the way through middle school and high school.”
—Karla, age 28

“I was a Girl Scout until I was a Cadette. I just rejoined as a leader because of my daughter. My mother was never a leader, but I just felt that there was a good opportunity to build a mother/daughter relationship.”
—Melissa, age 25

Source: Voices of Volunteers 18–29: A Report from the Girl Scout Research Institute