codeSpark’s platform “codeSpark Academy” introduces young learners to the fundamentals of computer science and coding concepts through interactive puzzles, games and creative projects.

As a company founded on a mission to empower girls through coding education, a partnership with Girl Scouts was a natural next step. Computational skills like sequencing, pattern recognition, and abstraction are crucial for general problem solving and critical thinking. These Coding for Good badges are a small step towards equity in STEM, but we’re excited to bridge the gap in computer science education so our youngest kids can learn to code, thereby learning how to engage with the digital world around them!

Girl Scouts is delighted to offer free access to certain codeSpark content for councils and service units to use at events as well as discounts for parents to access codeSpark Academy as the result of the generous support of codeSpark. To learn more about codeSpark and the special opportunities for Girl Scouts and how it supports Girl Scouts to learn about coding, you can visit