Cee-Cee Shines as a Cookie Boss Extraordinaire - Girl Scouts

Meet Cee-Cee: An Unstoppable New England Cookie Boss

Cee-Cee, a Junior from Troop #30570 of Girl Scouts of Central and Western Massachusetts, is UNSTOPPALE. For the 2016–17 cookie season, she set a personal sale goal of 1,000 boxes, 150 of which she specifically planned to donate to the military. Nothing could keep her from her goal—not even a month-long ankle sprain or the harsh New England winter. In the end, she surpassed her goal, selling more than 1,200 boxes, 200 of which went to her military donation goal. She even earned a free week of Girl Scout summer camp through her cookie sale rewards—you know what they say, camp life is the best life!

Since her first 600 cookie boxes she sold as a Daisy, Cee-Cee has learned and grown so much. She’s experienced firsthand the importance of setting goals; providing excellent customer service; practicing ethics in running her own small business using ethical business practices; and managing money and budgeting with her troop for field trips, events, and community projects. Additionally, in her five years as a Girl Scout, Cee-Cee has gained confidence in herself while learning new skills that will serve her throughout her lifetime. In total, she has sold close to 5,000 boxes and is closing in on 1,000 boxes donated to military service personnel. Cee-Cee has also made many new friends throughout the community with her sales. And best of all, she has inspired a ton of people around her!

“As Cee-Cee's leader of five years, I can say that becoming a Girl Scout leader is one of the best decisions I have made in my lifetime,” said troop leader Carolyn Deslaurier-Tate. “I have learned new skills and life lessons. I have also learned that we can make the impossible happen. As a result, I've adopted a motto, which I regularly share with the troop: whether we are working to exceed our troop cookie goal, to hit a bullseye on the archery range, to mount a horse for the first time, to reach the very top of the rock-climbing wall, or to complete our Bronze Award, Girl Scouts never give up!”

That’s right, Carolyn—we always stay the course, no matter what! Here’s to a lifetime of leadership, adventure, and success for you, Cee-Cee, and all of Troop #30570.