Troop 198 Brings Empathy and Healing to Central Indiana - Girl Scouts

Cadette and Her Troop Lead with Empathy to Support Community

Girl Scout Cadette Liz has many goals, and she’s on her way to reaching every one! As part of a three-girl troop from Girl Scouts of Central Indiana, she set out to sell 5,000 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies in the 2016–17 season. The end result? She sold a whopping 5,233 boxes. That’s more than her entire troop’s original goal of 4,500 boxes—way to go, Liz!

So far, Troop 198 has remodeled the previously rundown courtyard in a local elementary school, turning it into a serene, educational space for kids to read and enjoy time in nature. The girls have also collected more than 1,200 pounds of bottle caps to recycle, which they’re using to make six benches in memory of three girls sadly lost in Carroll County over the course of just three months.

Four of the benches will be installed in the same elementary school courtyard the troop remodeled, where the troop girls hope the benches will help the community heal and celebrate the lives of those lost. The two additional benches will be installed in the elementary school where two of the deceased girls attended. What a thoughtful way to support one another through tragedy.

In addition to their inspiring work with the elementary school and the benches, Troop 198 has also donated a portion of its earnings to the Clinton County Humane Society, where the girls will sponsor a Wag-a-Thon fundraiser. As if those go-getter goals weren’t enough, the girls plan to attend their service unit’s camporee and are planning a troop trip—all while working toward earning their Cadette badges.

One thing is clear: from helping their community through loss to powering amazing experiences for themselves, these girls are really keeping busy, showing the world what it means lead with empathy, kindness, and dedication in everything they do.

“I really love setting and reaching goals,” Liz said. “My goals give me a map of where I want to go and ultimately be in life. The path has been bumpy and sometimes exhausting but filled with amazing people and stories. One man gave me a picture of Juliette's (Gordon Low’s) home he took while on vacation, and many have told me I was a refreshing reminder that my generation cares about others. I’ve even received several hugs from complete strangers because of my goal to collect 1,000 boxes to share with soldiers.”

Liz says Girl Scouts has helped her flourish in so many ways, including by becoming more comfortable with public speaking and easing her struggle with anxiety. “It’s hard to believe that just three years ago I could not be part of my fall music program because of the anxiety I was experiencing. Now, I can speak to hundreds of strangers. Sure, I get a little nervous at first, but once I get started, it’s so fun. And as a result of all my cookie selling, cap collecting, and remodeling, my community looks to me as a leader, and I am so proud of that.”

Liz and Troop 198, we could not be more proud to call you Girl Scouts. Thank you for being a shining example of what girls can accomplish when they unleash the power of G.I.R.L. (Go-getter, Innovator, Risk-taker, Leader).We know you will continue to do good in the world, and for that, we thank you.