New Jersey Troop Turns Entrepreneurship into a Family Affair - Girl Scouts

Unstoppable Troop Crushes Sales Goal of 10,000 Cookie Boxes

Multilevel Troop 80060 from Girl Scouts of Central and Southern New Jersey is not just a troop, it’s a family! In 2011, it started with 20 girls, and it’s now grown to 39 girls in 29 families, many of which have been there from the beginning.

Every year, this no-limits team works hard to sell cookies, which finance nearly everything the girls do as a troop, from monthly activities to community service projects to incredible, memory-building trips.

For the 2016–17 season, their goal was to sell 10,000 boxes—these cookie entrepreneurs are not messing around! The Senior girls will use a portion of their cookie earnings to save for a final Girl Scout trip to Disney World in 2019, while the younger girls are saving up to head to Europe and South America for their final trip. Nice!

The troop’s resilience stood out more than ever this year as girls’ family members dealt with job layoffs, major surgeries, and the loss of loved ones. They also encountered business challenges, like canceled orders and inventory shortages, but through it all, the troop stood tall and moved forward. The girls never lost sight of how important it is to support one another through every obstacle while staying focused on their goals.

“This year, more of our girls set up tables at the end of their driveways to sell cookies every weekend, including our two quietest girls,” the troop’s leader, Angela Lynch, explained. “Their moms sent me a video of them singing and chanting in their yard about cookies to get the attention of neighbors. Our girls also walked more miles doing door-to-door sales with their moms and dads. One of our girls even played her guitar at a cookie booth to capture the attention of passersby. And when girls could not make cookie booth shifts because unforeseen events, other girls stepped up to work for them to avoid canceling the booths. Our older girls took the lead at cookie booths, teaching their younger Girl Scout sisters how to count change, upsell, and keep the booths looking nice during the sales.”

These girls are not afraid of a challenge! Sounds like they can always find a way to step up their game, no matter what might try to stand in their way. That’s the Girl Scout spirit! Keep shining. Practicing those leadership skills and that grit will get you far today and in your futures. From where we’re standing, they look BRIGHT!