Girl Scouts Band Together to Think Outside the Cookie Box

Girl Scouts Band Together to Think Outside the Cookie Box



When the risk of COVID-19 shut down their in-person cookie booths, the girls of multi-level Troop 415 from Girl Scouts of South Carolina Mountains to Midlands had to get creative to sell the remaining inventory—all 200 boxes of it. Like troops across the country, Troop 415 depends on cookie sales to fund life-changing programming and experiences all year long, and as Girl Scouts through and through, they weren’t about to give up so fast.  

Allie, a 12-year-old Cadette& in the troop, came up with the idea to do a virtual booth by creating a video asking the community for support. Allie’s father is a retired police officer and her aunt is in the medical industry, so she’s personally passionate about giving back to these communities right now. The troop loved her idea, so Allie quickly jumped into action to write a script that she and troopmate Daisy Caroline filmed on their front porch.

The result? Troop 415 sold ALL of the remaining cookies! They were even able to donate six cases of cookies to Aiken Regional Medical Center in Aiken, South Carolina, four cases to University Hospital in Augusta, Georgia, and an additional six cases to first responders throughout Aiken. Talk about spreading joy far and wide when it’s needed most!

The girls’ troop leader, Katie Miller, was overwhelmed by the community’s response and how it helped the girls reach their goal so quickly. “The girls were all really happy that we were able to help our community in a small way and put a smile on the faces of the nurses, doctors, and first responders that are all working so hard to keep us all safe and healthy,” she said. “I’m so proud of our whole troop for being a team and helping us spread the word about the virtual booth.”  

“I think there are a lot of possibilities for girls to help their community as Girl Scouts and be leaders, not just while the crisis is happening, but also after the worst is past us,” Katie added. “There are so many things that our communities will need help with to get back on their feet and how to better prepare for future national events.” 

Thank you, Troop 415, for thinking outside the cookie box and stepping up to the challenge in true Girl Scout fashion. We can’t wait to see what you come up with next.