Girl Scouts Prove You’re Never too Young to Make a Difference

Daisies Give Back to Local Hospital and Pharmacies by Donating Cookies and Making Masks

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In these challenging times, everyone is looking for ways to make a difference, and even the youngest Girl Scouts can get a taste of how good it feels to give back to their community.

In school, the girls from Daisy Troop 5088 of Girl Scouts of Northwestern Great Lakes talked about the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and how their community helpers—like nurses, pharmacists, and police—were working to keep them safe. The girls knew they wanted to show their support, and with the help of their troop leader, Edie Erickson, theydonated boxes of Girl Scout Cookies to the nurses at their local hospital (which includes a rural health clinic) and a nursing care facility. “My daughter told me that it made her heart feel so happy!” shares Edie.They even went the extra mile by making homemade masks for hospital staff.

The troop also asked cookie customers to donate a box to their community helpers and received 30 donations. Not limiting their focus to healthcare facilities, the girls went on todonate several boxes to their local pharmacy (along with more homemade masks!) and the troopers at the Michigan State Police Post in their town. The Daisies loved hearing how much staff appreciated the cookies.

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And the donations were happily received—the manager of the nursing home sent the girls a message that said, "You have made so many of our staff and residents smile today. Thank you for such a kind gesture and we truly appreciate the community's support!" The pharmacy employees said, "Thank you Daisy Troop 5088 for the masks and cookies! We sure appreciate it, that was very thoughtful."

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  • "My daughter was pretty proud of herself for being able to do something good,” says Edie. “Her favorite part of being a Girl Scout is making the world a better place, and she really feels like she was doing that! 

    Next up for these young go-getters? They’ll be working on their Respect Myself and Others petal at their next virtual meeting. As part of earning the petal, they’ll cover how to keep themselves healthy, like through proper handwashing and not touching their faces. And in true Girl Scout fashion, their next project will show their appreciation for local grocery store workers, postal staff, food service workers, and truck drivers.

    We’ve always known that cookies power amazing experiences for girls, but it never stops inspiring us to see the extraordinary ways girls give back to their communities.