Troop 944 Takes Peer Learning to the Next Level

Troop 944 Takes Peer Learning to the Next Level

Filming for YouTube

When school closed in their hometown of Charlottesville, Virginia, to prevent the spread of coronavirus, Girl Scout alum Nicole Rosario and her daughters weren’t sure what to do with themselves—or with the Girl Scout troop Nicole leads.

“My daughters and I wanted to keep the meetings going and connect with other kids. We live in the country so if we’re at home, we don’t see anybody but us.”

Their solution: Troop 944, Nicole’s multi-level troop of Brownies and Cadettes, would create a dedicated YouTube channel.

Troop members immediately reached out to the troop families and started planning content. The Girl Scouts are writing their own scripts, planning out the shots, and of course—learning by doing.

On a daily basis, they’re offering fun, educational videos to keep kids of all ages occupied. On “Stuck at Home,” the girls cover first aid, knot tying, and story time. And Nicole’s daughter, Lucy, reads Mr. Brown Can Moo! Can You? in the troop’s first video, sharing a little lesson on onomatopoeia at the end of the story.

“My daughter is very excited about having her own channel with her sister Scouts. The other girls in our troop are creating their own videos, and we’ve been trying to get input from people in the community on what they would like to see,” says Nicole, who has shared the girls’ channel across social media to make sure kids in the area are in the know.

“My daughters have thrown themselves into this,” she says. “It’s something they look forward to and it’s helping them just as much as it’s helping the other kids who get to see it.”

She adds, “We’re going to keep going as long as we can.”