Girl Scout STEM Pledge

Inspire the next generation of STEM leaders. Let's add 2.5 million girls to the STEM pipeline by 2025.

The United States is facing a science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) workforce crisis. In the next decade, the U.S. workforce will need 1 million new STEM professionals. How can we fill this essential job pipeline? 
The answer is simple: Girl Scouts! But we need your help. 

Seizing the Opportunity

Did you know that women hold less than 28 percent of STEM jobs in the United States but make up more than 47 percent of the U.S. workforce?

Girl Scouts has both the reach and proven programming to motivate a new generation of girls to explore STEM and become confident leaders.

With the help of visionary corporations and foundations, Girl Scouts is pledging to add 2.5 million girls to the STEM pipeline by 2025.


A Simple, Powerful Solution

To be effective and long-lasting, STEM engagement needs to start early.

Kids are saying “I’m not really into STEM” as soon as third grade. But Girl Scouts can change that.

Through Girl Scouting, girls explore progressive, girl-led STEM activities at every level. 


Together, we will transform the STEM workforce pipeline.


Be Part of This Exciting Initiative!

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