Challenging Conversations

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Sometimes girls just need to talk it out. 

Current events can be unsettling for kids. Maintaining friendships and getting along at school can be tough. And because you're a trusted role model, girls may turn to you as a friendly confidant or adviser when they have concerns or questions. 

These kinds of conversations can be challenging, but they are also essential. It's important that girls feel comfortable and supported throughout. When they are at ease, girls can more easily come up with their own viewpoints on difficult and complex subjects. 

These newly developed resources can help volunteers, parents, and other caregivers guide the conversation, while keeping it girl-led

Leading Difficult Conversations with Confidence

It’s important that you feel comfortable creating an environment in which girls have the freedom and security to ask difficult questions and to air views and concerns in respectful conversations. Here are six simple steps you can take to create a thoughtful, safe, and helpful experience.

  Leading Difficult Conversations with Confidence (PDF)

Conversations About Current Events

When hostile rhetoric fills the news and people take to the streets to stand up against things they see as discriminatory, there’s no doubt young people will have questions. The simple act of taking their concerns seriously and providing whatever space you can for an open and respectful conversation will help the girls in your troop feel less alone.

  Leading Conversations About Current Events (PDF)

Conversations About Bullying

One in four girls experience bullying at school, and nearly one in five experience it online. Relational aggression is an issue that we all must take a stand against. As part of the Girl Scout family, you naturally place girls’ safety and well-being at the top of your priorities—and it’s important that you have the confidence to tackle tough topics like bullying head-on in a sensitive yet effective manner. 

  Leading Conversations About Bullying (PDF) 

Remember to check with your local Girl Scout council for guidance on the use of parent consent forms when discussing topics that could be considered sensitive.

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