Girl Scout Cookie Program®

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Buying Girl Scout Cookies

When do Girl Scout Cookies go on sale and how do I find them?

Girl Scout Cookies can be purchased from girls participating in the Girl Scout Cookie Program ® only during your local council’s cookie season. Find cookies, learn when cookie season starts in your community, and locate cookie sale booths by simply entering your zip code in the Find Cookies! search box.

You can also call or email your local Girl Scout council. Your council’s phone number, website, Facebook page, and Twitter account are all on the Council Finder page. Council staff or volunteers can help you find a cookie booth near you. Councils conduct their cookie season for about a six- to eight-week period per year, most between January and April, but some as early as September. 

Try our free mobile Girl Scout Cookie Finder app for your iOS or Android device. You can search for cookie sales in your neighborhood, get details on your favorite Girl Scout Cookies, and use social media to tell your friends. 

How is the Girl Scout Cookie Program valuable to girls?

When you buy Girl Scout Cookies, you power amazing experiences and life-changing opportunities for girls year-round—from trips to our nation's capital to community projects to outdoor adventures. The more cookies you buy, the more you help Girl Scouts build essential skills as they begin to think like entrepreneurs and learn to take the lead, both now and in the future. Girls gain these skills from working with others, setting goals, and interacting directly with you, the cookie customer! It's about the experience of running her very own cookie business, gaining five essential skills (goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills, and business ethics) as she learns to think like an entrepreneur.

Can I buy Girl Scout Cookies online?

Yes, if you know a Girl Scout who is participating in the Digital Cookie® platform. Our Digital Cookie platform keeps girls front and center as we move beyond the booth and offer a convenient way for consumers to buy cookies online and support girls at the same time!

Depending on the council, girls will either use a personalized cookie website, mobile app, ecard, or direct link to ask their customers to make a Digital Cookie purchase. To find out if the Digital Cookie platform is available in your area, visit If you know a Girl Scout, tell her you're interested in becoming a Digital Cookie customer—and she’ll take it from there!

Only registered Girl Scouts can sell Girl Scout Cookies. We caution against purchases of Girl Scout Cookies found for sale online at auction, community list sites, or sites such as eBay and Amazon, because GSUSA, your local Girl Scout council, and our licensed cookie bakers cannot guarantee the freshness or integrity of these cookies. In many instances, these cookies are actually expired, or the sellers are using Girl Scout intellectual property without our authorization. Further, purchasing cookies in this way does not support Girl Scouts participating in the cookie program.

Are Girl Scout Cookies shipped?

Girl Scout Cookies purchased via the Digital Cookie platform can be shipped within the United States, including to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and military or diplomatic locations with an APO/FPO/DPO address. To find out if the Digital Cookie platform is available in your area, visit Digital Cookie. If you know a Girl Scout, tell her you're interested in becoming a Girl Scout Digital Cookie customer—and she’ll take it from there!

Why are Girl Scout Cookies available only for a short time?

The Girl Scout Cookie Program is the largest girl-led entrepreneurship program in the world, but it is just one part of the Girl Scout Leadership Experience. Girl Scouts participate in varied activities throughout the year and work on many projects. The cookie program is just one of those activities. And because only registered Girl Scouts may sell Girl Scout Cookies, their market availability is normally limited to the six- to eight-week period when girls are engaged in the program through their local council. 


Product Information

Which Girl Scout Cookies are currently available?

There are many different kinds of Girl Scout Cookies! You can learn about the cookies on the Meet the Cookies page of our website. Availability varies depending on the local area, so contact your local Girl Scout council to find out which varieties are available near you. 

What if I'm not satisfied with my Girl Scout Cookies?

Contact the cookie baker if, for any reason, you aren't satisfied with a package of Girl Scout Cookies. The baker contact information is listed on the side of each package, or you may contact Little Brownie Bakers or ABC Bakers directly.

How can I be sure my Girl Scout Cookies were baked for the current season?

Every Girl Scout Cookie package is stamped with a seasonal “use or freeze by” date. This date corresponds with the end of each cookie season. Accordingly, Girl Scout Cookies with a 2020 date would be baked for the 2019–2020 season.

How much is a package of Girl Scout Cookies? Why do prices vary in different regions?

Each of the 111 Girl Scout councils sets its own price based on its needs and knowledge of the local market. Today's prices reflect both the current cost of cookies and the realities of providing Girl Scout programming in an ever-changing economic environment. Remember—the proceeds stay with your local council and troop to power amazing experiences for girls. To find out when Girl Scouts are selling in your area, use the Find Cookies! search box.

Who bakes Girl Scout Cookies?

Currently, two commercial bakers are licensed by Girl Scouts of the USA to produce Girl Scout Cookies: ABC Bakers and Little Brownie Bakers.

How many cookies are in a package of Girl Scout Cookies, and how big are they?

Girl Scout Cookies are sold by weight, not by size or number. The number and size of cookies vary by variety and by baker. This information is featured on every package. You can learn more about the cookies on the Meet the Cookies page of our website.

Why are my Caramel deLites® now called Samoas®? Why are my Trefoils® now called Shortbread?

Each Girl Scout council chooses a licensed baker, either ABC Bakers or Little Brownie Bakers. A cookie may be called Trefoils when baked by one baker and Shortbread when baked by the other. The two cookies look and taste similar, but the name of the cookie and the recipe may be different. The exceptions are Thin Mints® and Girl Scout S’mores®, which are names used by both bakers. Even if Girl Scout Cookie names are the same, the recipes may differ.  

How do I find out the ingredients, nutritional value, and allergen information for Girl Scout Cookies?

This information is clearly listed on both the cookie package and the cookie order form. You can also find the information on the Meet the Cookies page of our website or on the Cookie Finder app.

With special regard for allergen concerns, our bakers bake Girl Scout Cookies in state-of-the-art facilities, and consumers can be assured that every required safety protocol is adhered to in order to prevent cross-contamination of ingredients. Consumers with additional questions can find out more by visiting the baker websites: ABC Bakers or Little Brownie Bakers. To find out which licensed baker supplies your council with cookies, contact your Girl Scout council. Ingredients may differ slightly by baker.

Who selects Girl Scout Cookie varieties?

GSUSA reviews and approves the varieties of Girl Scout Cookies. Councils select the varieties offered in their area.

To see a listing of all current varieties of Girl Scout Cookies, along with pictures and descriptions, go to Meet the Cookies.

Are all Girl Scout Cookies kosher?

Yes. For more information about cookie ingredients, check out Meet the Cookies or visit our bakers’ websites: ABC Bakers and Little Brownie Bakers.

What are the best-selling Girl Scout Cookies?

The best-selling Girl Scout Cookies are:

  1. Thin Mints®
  2. Caramel deLites®/Samoas®
  3. Peanut Butter Patties®/Tagalongs®
  4.  Do-si-dos®/Peanut Butter Sandwich ®
  5.  Trefoils ® /Shortbread ®
Where can I find recipes that use Girl Scout Cookies?

Check out our Cookie Recipes page. You can also visit Pinterest to find and share recipes. 

Who are the girls on the Girl Scout Cookie packages?

All of the girls pictured on the packages are registered Girl Scouts or Girl Scout alums. Every package shows Girl Scouts in action participating in Girl Scout program activities.

Is high-fructose corn syrup used in Girl Scout Cookies?

We trust our licensed bakers, who are industry leaders, to develop recipes using ingredients that will produce the best-tasting and highest-quality cookies while simultaneously addressing industry trends; scientific trends; and, of course, consumer preference. One of our bakers, Little Brownie Bakers, has removed high-fructose corn syrup from its cookies. We are in the process of removing high-fructose corn syrup from all Girl Scout Cookies and all cookies will be free of high-fructose corn syrup by 2021. For a list of specific cookie ingredients, see Meet the Cookies or visit our bakers’ websites: ABC Bakers and Little Brownie Bakers

Why is palm oil used in Girl Scout Cookies?

Palm oil is an ingredient found in the majority of baked snacks sold in the United States. Per GSUSA's licensed bakers, it is necessary to use palm oil in our cookies because of its unique ability to provide volume and texture in baked goods, usually without adding trans fats. Additionally, growing palm oil requires less land in comparison to other vegetable oils and supports the livelihoods of more than 4 million farmers globally. One of the primary goals of our Girl Scout Cookie bakers is to create the best-tasting cookies possible using the best ingredients available.

The world's food supply is intricately tied to the use of palm oil, so we believe promoting sustainable manufacturing principles is the most responsible approach for Girl Scouts and Girl Scout Cookie development. At Girl Scouts, we have an opportunity to use our strong voice to bring about positive change on this important issue, and our bakers have made the following commitments:

  • GSUSA and our licensed bakers are members of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO), an organization of growers, buyers, manufacturers, conservationists, and other interested parties striving to develop and follow best practices to ensure sustainability.

Our licensed bakers are committed to using as little palm oil as possible in Girl Scout Cookies and have committed to continuing to research viable alternatives. To read more about our bakers’ positions on palm oil, visit their websites: Little Brownie Bakers or ABC Bakers

  • Thanks to the encouragement of and partnership with Girl Scout members, GSUSA and our bakers have realized the power of the Girl Scout brand to make a positive difference in the move toward sustainably produced palm oil.
What does the RSPO Credits logo on the side of my Girl Scout Cookie package represent?

ABC Bakers is a member of the RSPO, an organization of growers, buyers, manufacturers, conservationists, and other interested parties striving to develop and follow best practices to ensure sustainability. The GreenPalm/RSPO logo on Girl Scout Cookie packages baked by ABC Bakers signifies a commitment by our licensed baker to support the production of certified sustainable palm oil. Since 2012, ABC has been purchasing GreenPalm/RSPO credits to cover the palm oil used in the production of Girl Scout Cookies. Visit the RSPO’s website to learn more about these certificates.

What’s the significance of the RSPO logo on the side of my Girl Scout Cookie package?

Little Brownie Bakers, one of our licensed bakers, uses an RSPO logo on its cookie packages because it shifted from the GreenPalm certificate system to purchasing fully traceable RSPO certified segregated and mass balance palm oil (the “Mass Balance System”) for all of the cookies it bakes. The Mass Balance certification supports farms that grow palm oil while using sustainable practices, respecting human rights, and preventing deforestation. Little Brownie Bakers is working with the RSPO to not only improve the sustainability of palm oil for Girl Scout products but also for the entire food industry. Visit the Little Brownie Bakers website or the RSPO website to learn more. 

Are Girl Scout Cookies "sustainable"?

Sustainability refers to social, environmental, and economic factors that an organization addresses to provide value not only to consumers but also to the world. GSUSA is proud of the initiatives its licensed bakers report on annually that speak to their corporate sustainability and social responsibility. The Girl Scout commitment to make the world a better place is a tenet GSUSA and its licensed bakers take seriously.

Is the cocoa used in Girl Scout Cookies ethically sourced?

Our licensed cookie bakers are actively working with their suppliers to ensure that the cocoa used in Girl Scout Cookies is responsibly sourced. Our bakers are required to provide assurance that cocoa sourced for Girl Scout Cookies is child- and slave-labor free. To provide this assurance, our bakers require compliance from their cocoa suppliers through strict supplier codes of conduct. Our bakers are working with cocoa suppliers, farmers, and industry partners to identify risks and support education and training that promotes sustainable and ethical practices.

GSUSA understands that, in spite of the best efforts of our manufacturers and the ongoing work by their suppliers, we also have a responsibility to provide leadership on the topic of slave labor and human trafficking. We are committed to using our powerful voice and brand wherever possible to effect change in this area. 

Do Girl Scout Cookies contain GMOs?

GSUSA is committed to providing cookie customers with the highest-quality products available. We understand that customers have questions about the foods they choose to eat, and GSUSA works alongside its trusted bakers to develop recipes using ingredients that will produce the best-tasting and highest-quality cookies.

Currently, Girl Scout Cookies contain genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Girl Scouts recognizes that many people have concerns about GMO ingredients, and we monitor member and consumer opinion on this matter while simultaneously addressing industry trends; scientific trends; and, of course, consumer preference.

It is important to note that there is worldwide scientific support for the safety of currently commercialized ingredients derived from GMO agricultural crops. The World Health Organization, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, the U.S. National Academy of Sciences, and the American Medical Association all share this assessment. It is also important to note that in the future, GMO ingredients may offer new, cost-effective alternatives to feeding the world’s growing population.

Why do my Girl Scout Cookie nutrition labels look different?

In May 2016, the FDA announced that the new Nutrition Facts label for packaged foods would reflect new scientific information, including the link between diet and chronic diseases, such as obesity and heart disease. The new label on some Girl Scout Cookie packages will help consumers make better-informed food choices.

Visit the FDA’s website for more information.  

Should people with diabetes buy or consume Girl Scout Cookies?

We encourage consumers concerned about sugar intake to discuss dietary options with a doctor or registered dietitian.

For consumer convenience, each of our licensed bakers lists dietary exchanges on the cookie information pages of their websites, so people with diabetes and parents of children with diabetes can make informed choices. The amount of sugar and carbohydrates is also listed on each cookie package. 

Do Girl Scout Cookies contribute to childhood obesity?

Girl Scout Cookies are sold for a short time every year and are considered a snack or special treat. As with all treats, they should be enjoyed in moderation.

GSUSA promotes a healthy lifestyle for girls, which includes a well-balanced diet and plenty of exercise. Our health and fitness programs encourage girls to adopt fitness and healthy eating habits early in life and to continue them into adulthood. Girls are also taught to consider ingredients and portion size when choosing snacks.

The Girl Scout Research Institute released a study titled  Weighing In: Helping Girls Be Healthy Today, Healthy Tomorrow (PDF) that addresses various underlying causes that have led to the epidemic of obesity and of being overweight among children and adolescents, as well as the lifestyles, culture, and behaviors that have contributed to this condition. 

Why don't you offer cookies that are whole wheat, wheat-free, sugar-free, casein-free, organic, low-carb, low-calorie, low-fat, non-fat, fat-free, and the like?

Girl Scout Cookies are produced once a year, making the production of specialty cookies difficult. In addition, the demand has not been great enough to make it economically feasible. Don’t forget to check the labels, you may find a variety that fits your dietary restrictions or goals. 

Do you offer cookies made with vegan ingredients?

Yes. For more information, visit the Meet the Cookies section of our website.

Are there gluten-free Girl Scout Cookies?

Yes. Responding to an important consumer trend, Girl Scouts in select areas will be selling either the Caramel Chocolate Chip or Toffee-tastic® Girl Scout Cookies, which are both gluten-free. Please contact your local Girl Scout council about availability. For more information, visit the Meet the Cookies page of our website.

Is my Girl Scout Cookie package recyclable?

Girl Scout Cookie packages are intended to be recyclable, but they may or may not be accepted by your local recycling service depending on the types of materials it processes.

Several Girl Scout Cookie varieties are produced in flexible film packaging, without a carton. The flexible film overwrapping the cookie tray may be recyclable in some markets. Film overwrap packaging has eliminated thousands of pounds of paperboard from the waste stream, and the reduction in packaging weight saves thousands of gallons of diesel fuel, which further reduces greenhouse gas emissions. We continue to evaluate options for making our packaging even “greener” in the future. 

Why did Girl Scouts and the bakers go through the process of obtaining halal certification?

The Girl Scout program serves girls from all walks of life across every zip code in the U.S.

it is important that the girls we serve see themselves reflected in the cookie program, from the girls we feature on the packages to the various things girls do with their cookie earnings. Adding halal certification to our existing kosher certification was an important step forward in this regard. All Girl Scout Cookies baked by ABC Bakers are certified halal. Little Brownie Bakers is actively pursuing halal certification. For more information about cookie ingredients, check out Meet the Cookies or visit our bakers’ websites: ABC Bakers and Little Brownie Bakers

Wait… are the cookies different?  Did you have to change them to “make” them halal?

They are the same delicious cookies that you know and love. Obtaining this certification did not require changes to any of the ingredients, recipes or baking processes.  

How are the two Girl Scout S’mores cookies different?

The ABC Bakers version of Girl Scout S’mores is a crispy graham cookie double dipped in yummy crème icing and finished with a scrumptious chocolatey coating. It strives to provide an innovative take on this truly classic treat.

The Little Brownie Bakers version of Girl Scout S’mores is a crunchy graham sandwich cookie with creamy chocolate and marshmallowy filling. This time-honored campfire treat is made with natural flavors and specialty ingredients.

Contact your local Girl Scout council to find out which Girl Scout S’mores variety is available in your area. 

What are “specialty ingredients”?

“Specialty ingredients” mean the product contains no artificial colors or flavors and is free of preservatives—this is indicated on the ingredients label. 

Why are some Girl Scout Cookie varieties priced differently from other ones?

Like other specialty products, our gluten-free cookie varieties and Girl Scout S’mores cookies may be priced higher than other Girl Scout Cookies, reflecting the cost of production and/or specialty ingredients.

Why did the allergen warning statement change on packaging from ABC Bakers?

ABC Bakers strives to be as transparent as possible so that its customers can make informed decisions about what they buy. The company changed its labeling this year to include “may contain” to accommodate the needs of consumers with regard to potential allergens.

What options are available for Girl Scout Cookie customers who have food allergies?

ABC Bakers continues to list all allergens under the “contains” statements on its labeling—so customers can continue to determine the cookie varieties that are right for them, based on their dietary needs. Note that only those allergens explicitly named in the statements are in the cookies. Visit the Meet the Cookies page of our website for more information.

Have the cookie recipe ingredients changed?

No. Although ABC Bakers added the “may contain” language, the cookie recipes themselves haven’t changed. Customers will be buying the same great cookies they’ve purchased year after year, with no changes to recipe ingredients or production process.

If the ingredients or processes haven’t changed, why were some cookies safe last year but potentially dangerous now?

It is not the case that any Girl Scout Cookies are potentially dangerous now, but not previously, to allergen-sensitive individuals—because there is no change in the allergen risk this year compared to prior cookie seasons. Nothing has changed in the cookie recipes or production process. This matter is a question of words on a label and ABC Bakers’ desire to be as transparent as possible with its customers.

How does Little Brownie Bakers describe its new lemon cookie in market for the 2019-2020 Girl Scout Cookie Season?

The new Girl Scout Cookie is Lemon-Ups, a crispy lemon cookie baked with messages inspired by Girl Scout entrepreneurs. “I am a go-getter” and “I am an innovator” are among the eight phrases that bring the experience of Girl Scouting to life.

How were the motivational “I am” statements on Lemon-Ups™ Girl Scout Cookies® chosen?

Each Lemon-Ups cookie features one of eight inspirational messages. These positive and fun statements are inspired by girl entrepreneurs in the Girl Scout Cookie Program and selected to appeal to all Girl Scout Cookie lovers.


Selling Girl Scout Cookies

Who can sell Girl Scout Cookies?

All registered girl members of Girl Scouts may participate in the Girl Scout Cookie Program. Although parents and Girl Scout adults may assist, girls make the sale, set learning and sales goals, learn to think like entrepreneurs, and gain five essential skills that are part of the program.

Participation in the Girl Scout Cookie Program is voluntary and requires written permission from a parent or guardian. The experience helps girls learn essential life skills while powering amazing troop experiences for girls year-round.

We caution against purchasing Girl Scout Cookies for sale online at auction, community list sites, or sites such as eBay and Amazon, because GSUSA, your local Girl Scout council, and our licensed cookie bakers cannot guarantee the freshness or integrity of these cookies. In many instances, these cookies are expired or are using Girl Scout intellectual property without our authorization. Further, purchasing cookies in this way does not support Girl Scouts participating in the cookie program. 

Can Girl Scouts who aren’t in a troop participate in the Girl Scout Cookie Program?

Yes! To do so, registered Girl Scouts must abide by guidelines published by GSUSA and their local Girl Scout council and be supervised by a council-trained adult. For more information about how Girl Scouts in your area can participate in the Girl Scout Cookie Program, contact your local Girl Scout council.

I've moved, and now I have to pre-order my cookies. Why is selling and buying cookies different from one community to the next?

Each Girl Scout council determines its precise method of helping Girl Scouts sell cookies to customers. Cookies can generally be purchased via the following means, or some combination thereof:

  • Preorder. Girl Scout councils provide participating girls with an order card and, for some, access to a mobile app to collect orders from potential customers. Girls turn in their order cards, the council orders the cookies, and then girls go back to the customer to deliver the cookies a few weeks later.
  • Direct sale. Participating Girl Scouts sell cookies directly to customers, bypassing the order-card process.
  • Booth sales. Participating girls sell cookies at booths authorized by councils and set up inside and outside various retail establishments. To find a cookie booth near you or learn when cookies go on sale, simply enter your zip code in the Find Cookies! search box.
  • Online and mobile sales. Many councils participate in the Digital Cookie platform, and more councils join every year! To check if your council participates, visit Through Digital Cookie, girls can sell to friends and family online and through mobile devices. Many girls enjoy marketing their online cookie sale by inviting customers, via an emailed link, to visit their personalized cookie websites. Other girls take in-person orders using a mobile app designed specifically for Girl Scouts.

Girl Scouts participating in the Girl Scout Cookie Program may only sell cookies according to their council’s policies and procedures and within the council’s published sales timeframe.

How does Girl Scouts keep girls safe as they sell cookies?

Girls’ safety and security is always our chief concern—and we have strict safety guidelines. Depending on their age, Girl Scouts must be accompanied or supervised by an adult when selling and delivering Girl Scout Cookies or use the buddy system when selling and delivering door-to-door. Adults must be present at all times during cookie booth sales. Girls participating in online marketing initiatives, including the Digital Cookie platform, must read, agree to, and abide by the Girl Scout Internet Safety Pledge together with their parents/guardians.

Do girls earn Girl Scout badges by participating in the Girl Scout Cookie Program?

Girls may earn official Cookie Business badges and Financial Literacy badges at every level of Girl Scouting. Badges are earned based on completing established program activities that are designed to allow girls to build new skills year after year. Girls may also earn the Cookie Entrepreneur Family pin with support from their families as girls set individual goals and identify business tactics that support their troop goals. Separately, girls can earn rewards based on their sales activity, such as recognition items and program credits. Contact your local Girl Scout council to learn more about the rewards established for girls in your community.

Can Girl Scouts donate cookies to military personnel or local charities?

Yes! Girls may participate in a council-approved "Gift of Caring" or “Cookie Share” program that allows girls to collect donations of cookies for military personnel or local charities. 

What happens to the leftover cookies at the end of the cookie sale?

To ensure freshness, Girl Scouts only sell cookies produced for the current season. Therefore, if a council or troop has cookies left at the end of the sale, GSUSA encourages it to work with local food pantries and other charitable organizations to distribute cookies as a special treat for people seeking food relief services. GSUSA works with our licensed bakers to ensure that they too have an annual plan for responsibly managing leftover cookie inventory. 


Who is the top seller of Girl Scout Cookies?

The Girl Scout Cookie Program has never been about individual sales results but rather the program outcomes, through which girls learn important entrepreneurial and life skills and invest their earnings in powering troop activities year-round. GSUSA does not currently track the top seller(s) of Girl Scout Cookies on a national level. There are many impressive cookie bosses throughout the United States, and the Girl Scout Movement will continue to recognize those girls as top sellers. However, GSUSA does not currently identify a specific Girl Scout as the number one or “record-breaking” national cookie seller, because doing so does not highlight the essence of the Girl Scout Cookie Program.

The program strives to offer girls important experiences in entrepreneurship, business, and finance from a young age, as well as provide girls and Girl Scout councils with the funding necessary for a variety of activities and programs throughout the troop year. Our 111 councils, which handle their own sales tracking, may continue to track their top sellers locally to showcase the skills girls learn and the incredible ways in which girls are investing their cookie earnings to create positive change in their communities.


Cookie Revenue

Where does the money from my purchase of Girl Scout Cookies go?

When you buy delicious Girl Scout Cookies, you’re helping power new, unique, and amazing experiences for girls that broaden their worlds, teach them essential life skills, and prepare them for a lifetime of leadership.

The net proceeds from Girl Scout Cookie sales stay local with the originating council and troop to fund activities for girls year-round as well as impactful girl-led community projects. Each council determines its own revenue structure depending on how much it costs the council to buy cookies, the local retail price to sell cookies, and the amount of revenue shared with participating troops.

Cookie program revenue is a critical source of funding for Girl Scout councils to deliver essential programming to troops and is often what makes it possible to reach girls in underserved areas and maintain camps and properties.

Additionally, Girl Scout troops can pool their proceeds to pay for necessary supplies, activities, and group travel. Girl Scouts may not earn proceeds as individuals. However, Girl Scout councils offer a wide variety of recognition items, program- and store-related credits, and travel experiences that girls are eligible to earn individually based on their sales. All troop proceeds and other rewards earned through participation in the Girl Scout Cookie Program must be used to enhance all girls’ Girl Scout experience.

Does any of the money from cookie sales go to GSUSA (the national Girl Scout organization)?

No. All Girl Scout Cookie sale proceeds stay local. GSUSA is paid a royalty by its licensed bakers to use Girl Scout trademarks based on gross annual sales. Girl Scout councils do not provide any portion of their cookie revenue to GSUSA, and no other revenue from cookie sales goes to GSUSA.

GSUSA approves all marketing and sales materials developed by the bakers. GSUSA also provides councils with coordination and training for media activities, safety standards for girls and volunteers, a world-renowned girl leadership program, and support during cookie season.

Is my purchase of Girl Scout Cookies tax-deductible?

If you buy Girl Scout Cookies and take the cookies home (to consume them), you've purchased a product at a fair market value. For this reason, Girl Scout Cookies used in this way are not tax-deductible.

Many Girl Scouts ask customers to pay for one or more packages of cookies for use in community projects or as part of a council-approved Gift of Caring or Cookie Share program. If you would like an acknowledgement of your donation for tax-deductible purposes, contact your Girl Scout’s council. 

Does any part of Girl Scout Cookie Program revenue support organizations other than the local Girl Scout council?

After paying the bakers, the net proceeds from Girl Scout Cookie sales are retained by the originating council and troop to power amazing experiences for girls and impactful girl-led community projects. Girl Scout troops set goals for how to spend their proceeds on program-related activities, such as paying their own way to a community event or museum. Girl Scout troops may also choose to use proceeds to purchase materials for a project to benefit the community.

Girl Scout Cookies and cookie-inspired flavors can be found in some popular food items. Can any business use Girl Scout Cookies and cookie-inspired flavors in its products?

A restaurant or small business may use Girl Scout Cookies in its desserts, provided it buys the Girl Scout Cookies from a Girl Scout, but it cannot use the Girl Scout name or trademarks to brand and market the products. Prohibited uses are “Thin Mint Shake,” “Girl Scouts Cupcake,” “Thin Mint Cake,” and similar constructions. GSUSA has contractual relationships with select companies to include Girl Scout Cookies and cookie-inspired flavors in their products and to use the Girl Scout name and trademarks in conjunction with those products. These rights are granted under national licensing agreements, and GSUSA is the only entity that may enter into such an agreement. For more on rules and regulations pertaining to the Girl Scout brand, or to inquire about becoming a licensee, email


Cookie Entrepreneur Family Pin

What happened to the Cookie Activity pin?

The Cookie Activity Pin was retired after the 2018-19 season.

What is the Cookie Entrepreneur Family pin?

The new Cookie Entrepreneur Family pin enables families to support girls as they learn to think like entrepreneurs through the Girl Scout Cookie Program. Each Girl Scout grade level has its own set of requirements to help families guide their Girl Scout as she runs her own cookie business year after year. Girls can earn all 13 pins in the collection—one unique pin for every year they participate.

What is the structure of the new Cookie Entrepreneur Family pin?

There are six sets of requirements, one for each Girl Scout grade level. Girls can earn a pin every year they participate in the Girl Scout Cookie Program and meet the requirements. Although the requirements don’t change year to year within a grade level, how a girl approaches the requirements will change. Girls earn a year-one and year-two version of the pin (plus a year-three version for Cadettes) within their grade level. Girls must earn year-one pin in order to earn year-two and year-two to earn year-three. This structure is similar to the My Promise, My Faith award structure.

Why did the pin requirements change?

The Cookie Activity pin had one set of requirements for all grade levels. To provide a well-rounded programmatic experience that differentiates activities by grade level and is set apart from the Cookie Business badge requirements, we decided to take the learning to the family level, where girls are already implementing many parts of their cookie program experience.

Families are an important element of the foundational Girl Scout Leadership Experience and play a key role in supporting a girl’s cookie business. Girls often prepare for the cookie program through their troop by earning Financial Literacy and Cookie Business badges as they gain five skills: goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills, and business ethics. We recognize that girls often practice these skills at home, too, as they sell Girl Scout Cookies with support from their families. This new pin will encourage families to be there for their girls as they develop the five skills and learn to think like entrepreneurs.

Why is the pin design changing?

The Girl Scout Cookie Program is an important part of the Girl Scout Movement’s history and reputation for supporting girls as they discover their inner power and ability to do good in the world. Reimagining the Cookie Activity pin gives us the opportunity to refresh and modernize the design and bring the image of our famous Girl Scout Cookies to the front of the uniform.

The new pin also eliminates the need to search online for a missing pin from a particular year. This new pin collection will be evergreen, meaning Girl Scout shops will have the supplies on hand year round. The design changes as girls progress through the program rather than the design changing each year.

Does the pin carry over from uniform to uniform?

The Cookie Entrepreneur Family pin is designed to stay on the grade-level uniform. The only pins that carry over uniform to uniform are the World Trefoil pin, highest awards, Journey Summit Awards, Membership Stars, and Discs and Life Saving Awards. The previous Cookie Activity pin was also designed to stay on the grade-level uniform, but some girls decided to carry it over year to year.

When do I place the Cookie Entrepreneur Family Pin?

Visit our Where to Place page.

When and where can I find the pin’s requirements?
  • The requirements are on the Volunteer Toolkit in the resources tab and are included as a meeting aid for all Cookie Business badges in the Volunteer Toolkit (Daisy, Brownie, Junior and Cadette Only).
What about girls who do not have a traditional family environment?

Girls live in many different environments. This is exactly why we chose the word “family,” which includes a girl and her own definition of family. This can be brothers and sisters, extended family, a foster family, or the caring adult/caregiver closest to her.

When will the pins be available for sale?

Celebrate your family’s teamwork and get the pin—available now! Buy today!

How much will the pin cost?

The new pin will retail for $3.00.

How do I order the pin?

Council retail staff can work with their Girl Scout merchandise retail business consultant for ordering information.

Can I keep last year’s cookie pin on my uniform alongside the Cookie Entrepreneur Family pin?

Yes! The older cookie pin is designed to be worn on the grade level uniform. If your girl chooses to continue to wear it alongside the new pin, that’s fine.

Where can I get more information about the new pins?