Pins and Badges

When a Girl Scout places a pin or a badge on her vest or sash, it symbolizes an important achievement. Cookie Entrepreneur Family pins recognize the five skills girls learn as they begin to think like entrepreneurs through the Girl Scout Cookie Program. Cookie Business badges demonstrate that a girl has developed specific skills related to running her own business. When a Girl Scout wears these emblems, she lets the world know she’s a real-life Cookie Boss!

Cookie Entrepreneur Family Pin

Earning the year-by-year Cookie Entrepreneur Family pin is the best way to make the Girl Scout Cookie Program a family affair. The simple, age-specific guidelines have been tailored for her developing skill set, making success a snap.

  Cookie Entrepreneur Family Pins

Cookie Business Badges

Earning Cookie Business badges give Girl Scouts the chance to hone their skills and gain an understanding of the world of business.

Download the online selling tips for your level and start earning cookie business badges today:  

Daisies (PDF)
Brownies (PDF)
Juniors (PDF)

Cadettes (PDF)
Seniors (PDF)
Ambassadors (PDF)

See the Cookie Business Badges Girl Scouts can earn by grade level:



Count It Up Badge

Cookie Business
See how cookie money adds up.


Talk It Up Badge
Cookie Business
Decide how to best use cookie profits.



Meet My Customers Badge
Cookie Business
Find customers and be comfortable selling to them.


Give Back Badge
Cookie Business
Learn how businesses help others.




Cookie CEO Badge
Cookie Business
Learn to manage all facets of the cookie business.


Customer Insights Badge
Cookie Business
Gain a better understanding of cookie customers.



Think Big Badge
Cookie Business
Set big goals for the cookie sale and brainstorm creative ways to reach them.



Business Plan Badge
Cookie Business
Write an effective business plan for the cookie business.


Marketing Badge
Cookie Business
Know how to create a marketing plan for the cookie business.



My Portfolio Badge
Cookie Business
Show college admissions officers and employers the benefits of the sales experience.



Customer Loyalty Badge
Cookie Business
Build the cookie business by increasing customer loyalty.



Profit & Loss Badge
Cookie Business
Translate Girl Scout values to the cookie business.


Research & Development Badge
Cookie Business
Research and develop new ways to build the cookie business.


For other badges Girl Scouts earn outside of the cookie program, see the Award and Badge Explorer.