Copyrights and Trademarks

Frequently Asked Questions - Copyrights and Trademarks

I want to use material from Girl Scout handbooks or other Girl Scout copyrighted publications. How do I get permission?

Complete the Request for Permission to Reprint GSUSA Copyrighted Material form enclosed in our Communications in Girl Scouting booklet and e-mail it to

Can I take photos, illustrations, or text from the Girl Scout Web site without permission?

No. Almost all photos, illustrations, and text on this site are copyrighted by Girl Scouts of the USA and require permission for use, even on a Girl Scout council site. Some material are copyrighted by third parties and may not be available for use. Always ask for permission first. Councils should follow the same procedures for getting permission to use printed material described above.

Do I need permission to use the Girl Scout service mark on my Girl Scout troop/group or service unit Web site?

Yes, you do need permission to include the service mark on your site. You should work directly with staff at your local Girl Scout council office for approval and assistance. Council staff may then contact if/as needed.

Do I need permission to use badges and symbols on my Web site?

The use of official insignia (all of which is trademarked) is highly restrictive. You may submit your plans for proposed use to

What is the proper use of the Girl Scout service mark?

Many rules and regulations govern the use of the service mark. Our published Graphic Guidelines outlines these procedures. To review the guidelines, please contact your local Girl Scout council office. You may also e-mail us at

Can I use pictures or illustrations from Girl Scout handbooks or other Girl Scout copyrighted publications?

No, Girl Scouts of the USA does not give permission for use of illustrations, photographs, or artwork from its publications.

Is there a Web site with Girl Scout songs that I can use without permission?

No. Before using any Girl Scout songs, you should check to determine their copyright status. If a song is copyrighted, you cannot use it without permission.

Can I request a listing of songs, such as graces or camp or action songs?

No, such a listing is not available. If you want to use songs in a certain category, then you must be specific about the title of each one.

Am I allowed to use only the words (not the music) of copyrighted songs without permission?

No, copyright laws cover both the words and music of a song. Permission must be granted.