Cadette My Cookie Venture Badge Activity

Get Inspired to Write Your Cookie
Business Mission Statement

Find out how companies and brands you admire share their values. 

Activity Details

Time needed: 30 minutes

Materials needed:

  • Paper
  • Pen
  • Phone, tablet, or computer with internet access


A mission statement defines your business’s reason for existing. It communicates what you stand for and your goals. It’s an important internal guiding document for all members of a business. It also communicates to others what you stand for.

Your mission statement is an important part of a cookie business plan that will help you run your business.

As you work on your statement, think about what your cookie business does, how everything for your business gets done, and why.


Before you write your mission statement, make a list of several brands and companies you admire and feel inspired by.

Then go online and research their mission statements. You can usually find this in the “About Us” section or in their brand statements.

What are their values? How do they practice those values? How do they create a connection with customers? Use what you find to create your mission statement.

When you’re done with your mission statement, get feedback from trusted adults. Feedback will help improve the ideas and decisions you make as a cookie entrepreneur.

Make changes to your mission statement based on the feedback.

Words to know:

Brand: The name, symbol, mark, or logo a company uses to identify their product. A brand is also the way a customer feels about and experiences the product.

Feedback: What people think about your ideas or how you run your business.

Goal: What you plan to do with the money your troop earns selling cookies.

Mission statement: This explains the purpose, values, and goals for your business.


Think about these questions:

  • Did learning about another company’s mission affect your feelings about their products?
  • How did another company’s mission statement help shape your own?
  • How did getting feedback help change your mission statement?
  • What would you share about writing a mission statement to help a younger girl?

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