Cadette Primitive Camper Badge Activity


Be a Dishwashing Diva

Whether you’re in the backcountry or backyard, you need to know how to properly clean up after a meal using an easy (and fun!) three-bucket technique.

Activity Details

Time needed: 15 minutes

Materials needed:

  • Three shallow pans, buckets, or trays  
  • Cool water 
  • Boiling water or a health department–approved dish sanitizer 
  • Biodegradable soap 
  • A net bag to hold your dishes and flatware 
  • Dirty dishes and flatware 

Setup: Once you’ve enjoyed a tasty meal cooked at camp, it’s time to clean up! You’ll get the job done safely and efficiently. Using three shallow buckets filled with water and a little soap, your dishes will be clean in no-time!

Activity: Prepare your buckets for dishwashing. The first bucket holds hot, soapy water; the second holds clean water for rinsing; and the third is either for boiling water or cool water with a health department–approved sanitizing solution. 

Put your dishes in the first bucket with soapy water and clean off all the food residue. Next give them a good rinse in the second bucket. Finally, sanitize your dishes by placing them in a net bag and immersing it in boiling water for one minute (or according to the directions of the sanitizing solution). Hang the net bags to air dry. Dirty dishwater should be filtered to remove food particles once the water has cooled. If you’re staying at a campsite, follow its rules for disposal of your dishwater or practice the Leave No Trace method of scattering strained dishwater, instead of pouring it into the ground. 

Troop Leaders:  The instructions for all badge steps are available free of charge in your  Girl Scout Volunteer Toolkit.

Girl Scouts at Home activities have been adapted from existing Girl Scout programming and optimized for use at home during a period of social distancing.

Adapted from Step 1 of the Cadette Trees Badge. Purchase The Cadette Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting to complete all requirements and earn the badge