Girl Scout Daisy writing  a thank you letter to a first responder

Daisies (Grades K-1)

Hello Troop Leaders and Girls!

These videos and activities are designed to give you ideas for adapting badge steps in a virtual environment. Watch the videos, read the instructions, and add any necessary adaptations to meet your troop’s needs. We don’t recommend playing the videos at troop meetings—but they’re great if a girl is doing a badge step on her own or had to miss a session!

Girl Scout Daisies is the first level in Girl Scouts and is open to girls in grades K-1.

Outdoor Activities

Special Event: Daisy Eco Learner

Do you love the feel of the bright sun on your face? The sweet smell of a flower? The sounds of birds singing? Or the fun of walking on a trail? Nature gives you many gifts! Learn some ways you can give back by protecting nature. You will be prepared to protect nature before you go outside, keep living things safe when you walk in nature, and you'll learn how to protect nature from trash! 

This program is for girls in grades K and 1 and will put girls on the path to finishing the Daisy Eco Learner badge!  The recording is free to watch but requires sign-in. This event was hosted by Girl Scouts Dakota Horizons.



Daisy Trail Adventure Badge Activity: Play A Fun Outdoor Activity

Find out what you need to do to get your body ready for a hike or walk in the woods or around the neighborhood.


Daisy Buddy Camper Badge Activity: Get Ready to Camp

Make a list of what you need to pack for a camping trip, and prepare to have a fun, safe time whether it’s indoors or outside!


Daisy Buddy Camper Badge Activity: Make A Camp Snack

Learn how to make banana boats for a day trip, campout, or anytime snack!


Daisy Eco Learner Badge Activity: Keep Living Things Safe When You Walk

Make a nature circle. 


Daisy Outdoor Art Maker Badge Activity: See the Colors of Nature

Make a colorful painting outdoorsOn a sunny day, go outside to a place where you can see lots of colors—maybe your backyard, a park with flowers or a field with pretty trees and leaves.


 STEM Activities

Special Event: The Space Mission Experience 

Meet former astronaut Wendy Lawrence and find out what it was like to be in space. Join AstraFemina member and former astronaut Wendy Lawrence to hear how she prepared for her missions. What did she have to pack? How did she prepare for zero gravity in space? The recording is free to watch but requires sign-in. This event was hosted by Girl Scouts of the USA and AstraFemina.



 Daisy Automotive Design Badge Activity: Design a Vehicle

Explore some of the steps creative designers take to create a vehicle as you sketch and sculpt your own vehicle for a special customer. 


Daisy How Robots Move Badge Activity: Play a Robot-Inspired Game

Find a partner and take on the role of robot and programmer in this fun, active game.


Daisy Think Like a Citizen Scientist Journey Activity:  Observe Your World

Explore how scientists and animals use observation to understand our world. 


Daisy Coding Basics Badge Activity: Create Algorithms for a Computer that Follow a Sequence

Learn about algorithms and follow an algorithm to make a s’more. 


Daisy Cybersecurity Basics Badge Activity: Protect Your Treasure

Learn how to keep something safe, like a computer, with layers of protection. 


Daisy Space Science Explorer Badge Activity: Make a Moon Sky Book

 Learn how the Moon looks in the day and nighttime sky and how it changes shapes in step 2 of the Space Science Explorer badge. They learn how to record their observations of the Moon by creating their own Moon sky book. 


Life Skills Activities

Special Event: Storytime and Poster Making with the National Civil Rights Museum

Join this Small But Mighty Storytime and meet Dory Lerner, an educator from the National Civil Rights Museum, Listen while she reads The Youngest Marcher: The Story of Audrey Faye Hendricks, a Young Civil Rights Activist, written by Cynthia Levinson and illustrated by Vanessa Brantley-Newton. Find out how young people protested segregation during the 1963 Birmingham Children’s March and make your own protest signs to share ideas about change-making with the world! The recording is free to watch but requires sign-in. This event was hosted by Girl Scouts Heart of the South and Girl Scouts of the USA, with Dory Lerner, a National Civil Rights Museum educator.



Daisy Suffrage Centennial Activity: Create Your Own Suffrage Bookmark or Drawing

Think about what’s important to you in your town or community, and make a bookmark or draw a picture that helps others understand why you feel this way.


 Democracy for Daisies Badge Activity: Make the President’s House

Learn about the White House.


Daisy Tula Petal Badge Activity: Learn About Being Courageous & Strong

Learn about being courageous and strong and think of ways to practice living this line of the Girl Scout Law.


Daisy Global Activity for World Thinking Day Badge Activity: Create a World Song

Learn how to sing “The World Song” together, then, make up your own song or poem while exploring the theme of diversity, equity, and inclusion in order to celebrate World Thinking Day.


Daisy Sunny Petal Badge Activity: Learn About Being Friendly & Helpful

Learn about being friendly and helpful and think of ways to practice living this line of the Girl Scout Law.


Daisy Good Neighbor Badge Activity: Make Your Town

Get together with your family and make an art project showing the different parts of your town. 


Daisy Petals Badge Activity: Explore Girl Scout Promise and Law

Choose one line of the Girl Scout law and talk about it with your family. 


Entrepreneurship Activities

 Daisy Toy Business Designer Badge Activity: Design a New Toy

Come up with an idea for a toy and design it—just like an entrepreneur would!


Daisy Making Choices Leaf Badge Activity:  Find Out the Difference Between Needs and Wants

Learn about the difference between wants and needs. 


Daisy Money Counts Leaf Badge Activity: Understand Different Kinds of Coins

Learn about different coins and what they are worth.


Troop Leaders:  The instructions for all badge steps are available free of charge in your Girl Scout Volunteer Toolkit.