Volunteer Appreciation Activity

Show Your Troop Leader Some Love!

Here are some ways to show your troop leader how much you appreciate them. Choose the one that best suits you and your Girl Scout sisters. It’s always the right time to say thanks.

Idea 1: Throw a Surprise Party (Celebrate)

Surprise your troop volunteers with party hats and noisemakers at your next virtual or in-person meeting. Take turns sharing what you appreciate most about them!

Idea 2: Fly in to Say Thanks! (Video)

Ask each of your troop sisters to make a two- to three-second video that shows her:

  • Catch a paper airplane that flies in from the right side of the screen
  • Smile at the camera
  • Toss the airplane offscreen to the left

String the videos together so it looks like each person is tossing the airplane to the next girl.

Make a final short clip of one girl opening the airplane to reveal a thank-you message to your troop leader(s).

Share the video during your troop meeting as a surprise! 

Consider this!

  • Ask everyone to use a white 8.5 x 11” sheet of paper to make their individual planes so they match.
  • Ask for a second short clip of everyone waving and saying thank you to string together at the end.
  • Enlist someone in your troop leader’s family to give them flowers or another small gift when the surprise is revealed!

Idea 3: Because of You (Cards)

Print out, decorate, and personalize one of our super cute thank-you cards!

Daisies | Brownies | Juniors (PDF) 
Cadettes | Seniors | Ambassadors (PDF)

Idea 4: Say It with Sweets (Gift)

Create a special treat for your troop leader(s)! Think about:

  • A cake baked in an orange (seriously!)
  • A s’mores care package with marshmallows, graham crackers, and chocolate
  • A movie night kit with popcorn, a drink, and candy
  • Fruit with a homemade caramel or yogurt dipping sauce

Idea 5: Because of You Photo Collage (Gift)

Collect photos from your troop sisters of your favorite Girl Scout moments. Arrange them in a slideshow or on a poster with the headline “Because of You…” Then share them at your next virtual or in-person meeting!

Idea 6: Say It with Service (Activity)

Troop leaders are busy people. What could you do to help make their lives easier? Wash their car? Rake their leaves? Prepare their garden for planting? Work with your troop sisters to offer assistance to your troop volunteers to say thank you.