From the backyard to the backcountry, Girl Scouts has a long, storied, and successful history of getting girls outdoors.


From the backyard to the backcountry, Girl Scouts has a long and storied history of getting every girl outdoors. In fact, many Girl Scouts tell us “camping trips” are one of the best things about their Girl Scout experience. It’s true: connecting with the great outdoors in a girl-led setting is a big benefit of belonging to Girl Scouts.

Studies show that girls today are not spending nearly enough time outdoors. Technology and structured activities leave less time for girls to get outside and enjoy nature. But as a Girl Scout, she’ll have plenty of opportunities to create her own outdoor adventures and develop a lifelong appreciation for nature and the out-of-doors—whether with her troop, at camp, or with friends and family.

And that’s great news—because when Girl Scouts get outside, they:

  • Discover that they can better solve problems and overcome challenges
  • Develop leadership skills, build social bonds, and are happier overall
  • Become team players and care more about protecting our environment

When girls spend quality time outdoors and increase their exposure to nature, they thrive physically, emotionally, and intellectually.

New Outdoor Badges

In partnership with The North Face, Girl Scouts released 12 new Outdoor High-Adventure badges for all grade levels in summer 2019. These exciting new badges push girls’ boundaries in the outdoors with programming ranging from trail running to rock climbing, to snow sports and hiking. Girl Scouts love high adventure! 


Badge Spotlight

Senior Trail Adventure: Girls choose between testing their physical limits in the great outdoors on a competitive trail run, or a three-day, two-night backpacking trip. To prepare for their adventure, girls have the opportunity to talk to an expert trail runner or backpacker, watch a video or read a book about trail running or backpacking, or explore what they will do on their journey do by conducting their own research. Once girls embark on their adventure, they will have the option to create an action portfolio of videos of photos of them along the way, keep an adventure journal, or explore new ways of doing certain trail or hiking activities.

Eco Trekker: Girls learn how to minimize impact on the environment while planning and taking an outdoor trek.