Imagine her taking on some of the biggest challenges and problems our planet faces—and helping solve them. Or having a career that’s engaging and well paid. Imagine her teaming up with others to invent the future.

That future can be a reality, thanks to science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM).

Research shows that girls are keenly interested in STEM and excel at it. Yet, for a variety of reasons, girls often don’t pursue STEM—starting as early as elementary school.

But we can change that! Let your girl see that STEM can help her make the world a better place! Girl Scouts who participate in girl-focused STEM programs:

  • Become better problem-solvers, critical thinkers, and inspirational leaders
  • Get better grades, earn scholarships, and follow more lucrative career paths
  • See STEM as the foundation for a meaningful and successful future

Perhaps she’d like to…build a robot, create an app, invent a medical device, develop a video game, design a car, protect the world’s wildlife, send a spacecraft to a far galaxy, cure a disease, keep the ocean clean, study the stars… The possibilities are truly endless!

Clearly, STEM can take her anywhere she wants to go. Check out our Journeys and Badges to learn more.

STEM Journeys and Badges

Automotive Engineering: Girls learn about designing, engineering, and manufacturing vehicles, as well as the future of mobility. They design their own vehicles, test prototypes, learn about design thinking, create their own assembly line manufacturing process, and more,

Engineering: Think Like an Engineer. Girls discover how to think like an engineer by participating in hands-on design challenges and completing a Take Action project.

Computer Science: Think Like a Programmer. Girls learn how programmers solve problems by participating in interactive computational-thinking activities and complete a Take Action project.

Outdoor STEM: Think Like a Citizen Scientist. Girls participate in interactive activities to learn how scientists solve problems using the scientific method. Girls practice observation, collect data, and complete a citizen science project. Then they create their Take Action project.

Check out new badge activities online:
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Cadette STEM Career Exploration

New Badge Spotlight

STEM Career Exploration
Cadettes discover new career interests and connect to in-demand jobs as they learn about six different STEM fields: computer science, nature/environment, engineering, design, health, and agriculture. They explore related opportunities and see how by pursuing a career in these areas they can make the world a better place.

Automotive Design
Brownies explore transportation, mobility, and vehicle design. They learn about how we use vehicles for different purposes as well as take on a design challenge to create a specialized vehicle that meets the needs of unique audiences: a mobile clinic for a veterinarian, a vehicle to transport a sports team and their equipment, or a mobile maker space for kids.

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