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Journeys and badges in cybersecurity,
eco-camping, robotics, college prep, space science, and more! 

Hooray! New Girl Scout Journeys and badges are on the way!

We’re always evaluating—and enhancing—what girls do, how they connect, and how they grow as Girl Scouts. And we listen when girls, parents, and volunteers tell us what they like most, making sure to take action to keep our program relevant and engaging. This year, we added new Journeys and badges in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM); the outdoors; and life skills! 

Combined with existing programs, these new Journeys and badges help girls empower themselves to unleash their inner strengths and accomplish amazing things.

 Life Skills Badge

College Preparation
From test prep to financial aid, Ambassadors walk through all the steps of the college admission process and get ready to attend the school of their choice.

 STEM Journeys

Engineering | Think Like an Engineer: Girls discover how to think like an engineer by participating in hands-on design challenges and complete a Take Action project.

Computer Science | Think Like a Programmer: Girls learn how programmers solve problems by participating in computational-thinking activities and complete a Take Action project.

 STEM Badges

Computer Science | Cybersecurity: Girls learn how computers and the internet work and apply the concepts of safety and protection to the technology they use every day.

Engineering | Mechanical Engineering: Girls use design thinking to complete hands-on mechanical engineering design challenges.

Engineering | Robotics: Girls learn how robots are designed, built, and programmed. “Unplugged” activities allow girls to earn badges without kits.

Space Science: Girls learn all about the Solar System and our place in it. Just like real space scientists, girls explore, observe, and investigate the Sun, Moon, and stars and discover that space is bigger and even more exciting than they may have imagined.

 Outdoor Badges 

Environmental Stewardship
From learning to care for our planet to minimizing our ecological impact outdoors to advocating for nature, girls learn how to become stewards of our precious environment.

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