How One Girl Scout Alum Encourages Her Community to Get Moving

How One Alum Encourages Her Community to Get Moving

Michelle Rossi

When middle school science teacher Michelle Rossi created #TosstheTrashThursday in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak, she had no idea her whole community would get involved.

“If you walk around your neighborhood and pick up the trash, you’re not only going to make the world a better place but you’re also getting outside,” says the Gold Award Girl Scout alum.

“If we all pick up the trash, then our walks are more beautiful. It’s a small way to make a big impact,” she adds.

Michelle, the leader of two Cadette troops and one Senior troop, has challenged her Girl Scouts to get involved as well as her Northern Illinois school district.

And in less than two weeks, she’s seeing big change in her neighborhood.

“Every time I go outside, it takes less time to pick up the trash because my neighbors are rising to the challenge, too,” she explains. “I may not be able to do #TosstheTrashThursdays for much longer, because if we’re all picking up the trash, we’re all just maintaining a clean environment rather than needing to overhaul the landscape.”

For this science teacher, that’s a big deal.

“It feels like Mother Nature sent us all to our rooms for a time out. As a result, COVID-19 could have a good environmental impact, so this could be part of our silver lining.”

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