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Girl Scouts Go Silver for a Good Cause

Girl participate in food drive.

Every day around the country, Girl Scout Cadettes go Silver, completing incredible service projects that help make their communities and the world a better place. The Silver Award is the highest honor Girl Scouts in grades six through eight can earn. Each Take Action project requires at least 50 hours of work and combines a girl’s interest with a need she has identified in the community. If that’s not an equation for meaningful change, we don’t know what is!

Here are just a few examples of how Girl Scouts go Silver, and make big things happen.

In 2016, Troop 1610 of Girl Scouts of Central Indiana earned their Silver Award by using their voices to get their school board to change an unfair dress code that kept girls from wearing patterned or multicolored tights, while the boys had no such restrictions on their socks. Now that’s a fashion statement we can get behind. Great job, girls!

In 2015, Troop 72855 from Girl Scouts of Eastern Massachusetts earned their Silver Award by prompting their city to recognize women in their Veterans Day observances. Thank you for your service, girls!

In 2014, Troop 151 from Girl Scouts of New Mexico Trails earned their Silver Award by creating and executing an anti-bullying campaign, including a PSA and two billboards. It’s so important to be a friend first. Thank you for raising awareness on this critical issue! 

And there’s so much more where that came from. Learn more about being a Silver Award Girl Scout!