Scuba Diving Girl Scout Troop | Girl Scouts

The Nation’s First Scuba Troop Takes Girl Scouting to New Depths

Troop leader Karen was the final customer of the day at the troop’s first-ever underwater cookie booth at the bottom of Dive World Austin’s pool in January 2018!
The troop takes off to clean invasive species from a training area at a local spring that is home to several threatened and endangered species.
Troop member AJ did her Women’s Dive Day project about Women Divers Hall of Fame member Cathy Church, who personally shared her own Girl Scouting experiences with her!
The troop banner is attached to a platform 25 feet underwater at Windy Point Park for a troop event—very cool!
The girls pose on the dock before gearing up for a dive at a local lake that is a sensitive aquatic environment. From left to right: Megan, AJ, Laken, Bella, Eleanor, Julia, Ella, Sage, and Emily.