Having Grandparents as Parents: It's More Common Than You Think

5 Amazing Things About Having Grandparents for Parents

girl who has grandparents for parents

Families come in all shapes and sizes, but one type of family that often goes ignored in the media is the grandfamily—where grandparents take the lead to help raise their grandchildren. This could be either in the form of legal adoption or just in playing a very active role in their grandchildren’s lives, but whatever the case, a whole lot of grandparents are getting in on the act. Recent stats show that nearly 8 million kids in our country live in grandfamilies, and that one in ten American grandparents live with at least one grandchild.

And raising or helping to raise grandchildren isn’t all fun and games, either. While some other grandparents are kicking back, enjoying the retired life, these hard-working grandmas and grandpas are attending parent-teacher conferences, spending money to feed and clothe the next generation, and generally going through the whole mom and dad thing all over again. Check out these five ways grandparents are amazing at raising kids, and then join us in giving them a standing ovation!

1.  Grandparents are Calm, Cool, and Collected
Having already gone through the ups and downs of raising at least one child, a grandparent is less likely to second-guess her decisions. And confident parenting leads to more settled, happy kids!

2.  Grandparents are Treasure Troves of Wisdom
True fact? Grandma and Grandpa have seen and experienced so much more than the average parent simply by living longer. Their unique perspective and first-hand knowledge of history will help any child to become more curious about the world. 

3.  Grandparents Help Kids Take the Lead
While a mom or dad might already be fully-fluent in the latest apps and technology—not all grandparents are. By asking their granddaughters to show them the ropes and teach them new skills, grandparents give girls a sense of pride in their knowledge and abilities.

4.  Grandparents Have Been There, Done That
When you’ve already raised kids, the tougher times of parenting don’t rattle you quite as much. Oh, and all the typical kid fibs and tricks for getting out of things? You’ve heard them a thousand times and can see right through them.

5.  Grandparents Have a Unique Bond
Perhaps the most wonderful thing about grandparents who play an active role in raising grandchildren is that they do it because they choose to, not because they have to. And that truly is a magical kind of love.